About Us


When we first visited the region of Yeghegnadzor, where we had decided to found our vineyards there was only a mountainous deserted area which had never been cultivated before. It was rather hard to imagine and believe that one can create a fruitful vineyard there. Now, looking back after nearly 20 years of hard work, it's with an enormous pride that we look at our well cultivated vineyards which pass an inspection even from the demanding eye of our father. We started as a family business in 1998, where everybody knows the importance of his or her role. We established our own vineyards, took small steps forward, trying to act creatively paying attention to every detail, quality and dedication. Wine production has taught us, both the young and the older generations, to work hard and work together to enjoy the pleasure of the outcome, to listen to each other, respect each other's opinions and generate an immense gratitude and love towards our homeland. With a deep respect for the traditions and the willingness to learn, we try to combine the old winemaking traditions that each inhabitant of Yeghegnadzor has inherited genetically from his ancestors, with the best available winemaking techniques and wine culture.

Our B&B has been a perfect example of a purely family business since its grounding. Each and every family member has his/her very important role in this business. Our mom is the one who meets and takes care of our guests and makes those delicious meals which our B&B is so famous with. The youngest son in the family works with the customer service, presence at social media and marketing issues. Our elder son is the one who takes care of the IT questions including our websites and booking management. Our father is like the king in our small kingdom of hospitality and winemaking. He has been standing in the beginning of all our steps during those almost 20 years of our work. At the same time our dad is the founder and general manager of our winery with its amazing wines and vineyards.

We have met hundreds of amazing guests during those years who have become our great friends despite the distance and the small chances to meet them each year and that's one of the best sides of this business in our eyes.

Our Vineyards


Our vineyards are located on the right-hand bank of the Arpa River, next to the little village of Arpi at an altitude of 1250-1300m above the sea level. The seedlings were meticulously selected, in order to grow the high quality Areni grape. Later, we also established 4 types of Kakheti vineyards. We have begun to grow white grape variety Voskehat to produce white wines. The vineyard soil is rocky and sandy, which provides unique conditions for grape maturation. Due to different heights and nearly five different geographical positions of our vineyards, the grapes mature differently and the harvest are done in stages, which usually take up to 20-25 days. The hectare yield is 2.5-3 tons. The harvesting is carried out manually in containers of 10-12 liters. The grape is firstly sorted during the harvest and then an additional sorting is done while filling the grape in 15-20 kg plastic food containers (boxes).

Our Production


In the production of our wines, we combine traditional Armenian (especially from Vayots Dzor region) and modern winemaking technologies and equipment. The grape is carefully washed, sorted and only the best and mature grape is selected. After squeezing the grape, the mash is placed in a container of stainless steel for the subsequent fermentation. We use high quality wine yeast of Danish origin for the primary (alcoholic) and secondary fermented milk (low-lactose) fermentation. During fermentation, the temperature is strictly controlled and kept within acceptable limits to provide nutritional, flavor and color qualities of the wine which are the essentials of a good wine. After obtaining high quality wine material, it is poured into metal containers and subsequently the precipitate is filtered off at least twice and poured into 350 liter oak barrels. The maturing process of the wine in barrels should last at least 1.5-2 years. After bottling the wine ''rests'' for another 4-6 months before getting to the market. In wine barrels as well as in bottles the wine is kept at a temperature of +12 ̊C to +18 ̊C degrees and at an appropriate humidity level.


“Each person is given a creative endeavor, and everyone tries to find a work that is close to his soul. Putting your soul and mental abilities to work, the experience and emotions acquired during life to help create a unique product of its kind. Unique, just as each person is unique.” ​ ​

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